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Free Standard Shipping on Orders $49 or More

Flower Cocktail Kit



Wine Lovers:

Make gorgeous white wine, sparkling and even red wine based cocktails with this specially curated set of Floral Elixirs! You’ll make signature creations with vibrant colors, and delicate floral aromas and flavors. Enjoy 5-2 oz elixirs packaged in handcrafted bottles - makes 20 cocktails.

Whiskey Lovers:

Add a delicious floral note to an evening nightcap with the Floral Elixir Co. Whiskey Lovers Cocktail Kit. Enjoy 5 - 2 oz Floral Elixirs specially curated to pair with bourbon, whiskey and brandy. Comes beautifully packaged with several recipes on the back and a full flavor profile of custom-selected elixirs - makes 20 cocktails.