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217-919-9918 ~ 936 Maine St. Quincy, IL ~
217-919-9918 ~ 936 Maine St. Quincy, IL ~

Monstera Leaf Cups


Take your party to the exotic parts of the world, with these Tropical Monstera Leaf Paper Cups. Inspired by the more adventurous parts of the globe, where the animals run wild and the sun never quite sets, these paper plates are perfect for any themed party. Don’t have a theme? Not a problem! These cups work with any party, they’re sure to be guest-pleasers!

What’s more, they go perfectly with our Tropical Monstera Leaf Plates - with a matching pattern to bring the whole thing together!

Available in packs of 8, you’ll easily feed the whole party! Made from paper, there’s no need to worry about the clean-up, so you can spend time enjoying the party! 

Set of 8 9oz cups.