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217-919-9918 ~ 936 Maine St. Quincy, IL ~
217-919-9918 ~ 936 Maine St. Quincy, IL ~

Girl Dinosaur Tiaras


Let your little ones explore the stone-age, with these Dinosaur Tiaras!

Every child’s imagination has taken off with the dinosaurs, with wild adventures playing out in their minds: stomping T-Rexes and soaring Pterodactyls. With these fun Tiaras, your little ones can take themselves back to the prehistoric.

With multiple different colors available in each pack, these Tiaras leave nobody disappointed, with the added bright metallic flash of the horns. Ideal for kids parties and games with family and friends, the Dinosaur Tiaras the small touch that goes a long way!

Coming in packs of 8, there’s enough fun for the whole party!