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217-919-9918 ~ 936 Maine St. Quincy, IL ~
217-919-9918 ~ 936 Maine St. Quincy, IL ~

Fringe Headbands


It’s time to celebrate the girl or woman of the hour with one of these fun Fringe Headbands. For a special occasion, she deserves a special crown and one of these festive headbands is the perfect choice! Adorn the lucky lady with a ‘Bride’ headband in white or a ‘Birthday Girl’ headband in glittery gold or pink.

The celebratory lettering sits on top of a black headband, which is covered on top by a white fringe on the bride-to-be’s headband and by a pink fringe on both of the birthday girl headbands. Surprise her with a fun headband to complete her outfit!